Saturday, July 16, 2011

Book Review: Thunder Dog by Michael Hingson

Imagine experiencing the 9/11 attacks first hand and evacuating the World Trade Center from 78 floors up.

Now imagine going through that blind.

Author Michael Hingson doesn’t have to imagine it because he lived through it and survived with the help of his guide dog, Roselle. “Thunder Dog” shares the page-turning true story of Michael and Roselle’s trip down stairwell B of Tower 1 on that fateful day.

Everything starts from before the sunrise with a thunderstorm and preparations for just another day at work. Then everything changes. The first plane hits Hingson’s tower and although nobody is sure what happened, they all begin to leave the building in the safest manner possible – down the stairwell. There is confusion but a strange calmness as the smell of smoke and jet fuel permeates the route, burn victims pass and firefighters make their way up. In their metal and concrete cocoon they have no idea of the events occurring outside in the sister tower. Trusting Roselle and working together as a team Hingson and the lovely golden retriever courageously make it out of the building mere minutes before Tower 2 falls. Then they run. They run through the suffocating dust and debris praying nothing hits them before they can get to safety.

Once that harrowing danger passes and the other tower falls Hingson, Roselle and co-worker/friend David Frank still need to contact loved ones and find their ways home.

This was a fascinating story. It is gripping from the start and easily moves through Hingson’s life story being born blind and the obstacles he overcame and experiences he had which later helped him and Roselle to successfully make it out of the World Trade Center.

I really enjoyed this book. Hingson and Susy Flory have created a wonderfully uplifting narrative during such a horrible event. Readers take more from this book than just a blind guy and his dog surviving, there are lessons in there on humanity and discrimination. Even though I have been around numerous people with disabilities of different sorts I learned a lot about blindness, how those who are blind wish to be treated (no differently), and how our technology of today has opened doors to those who are sightless. It was also a blessing to get a glimpse at the beautiful relationship of faith and trust a guide dog and his handler have.

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