Wednesday, July 13, 2011

and then? and then?

Stopping by to say HI!

Staying busy here yet again. This week I've been watching my friends' kids and tomorrow I have another one. I really don't mind... there have been numerous times when friends have watched my little ones for one reason or another and it's good to give back.

Today we had more therapies and Will is doing awesome. His "Oral Motor Function Therapy" (feeding therapies) have gone well and we are seeing definite improvement. Today we also had O.T. at the base pool. Will was actually jumping in the water, going under and NOT inhaling the water! Totally awesome. Alanna was also doing well in the pool and holding her breath when she went under.

Now both of them are ready to bathe and go to bed.

Today I realized that Will only has 3 weeks of his early intervention therapies! THREE! I'm actually going to miss those lovely ladies who have worked so hard with my son. Once he starts school they get 3 hours spread over 3 months to help his transition and see if there's something the school needs to be covering with him.

Anyway, Big Brother is on tonight (yes, I'm a Big Brother watcher... those people can be crazy!) so I've got to get Will and Lana washed up.

I'm already worn out and my house is a mess and I've got a friend coming over early in the morning to hang out and bake stuff... and then there are 2 lovely books I'm craving to continue jumping into and I'm starting Ecclesiastes as my next book for my Bible reading... and I still have to prepare my post for my song link-up tomorrow.

It's good to stay busy though.

At least Ryan and I have a wonderful date night lined up for Friday. Already have our XD 3D tickets for the new Harry Potter movie purchased! Yay!


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  1. Again, thank you so much for watching the kids for me! :)

    I am so excited that Will is doing so well in his therapies! That is a answer to prayer! :)

    I just finished Ecclesiastes a few weeks ago and I really got a lot out of it - more than I did the last few times I read it. :)