Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's Your Song?

It's Thursday! So, what's your song? Head over to Goodnight Moon to link up!

This week I'm gonna post 2 songs. *gasp* Whaaaa? Breaking the rules? Yeah.

So my first pick is "Battle Hymn of the Republic" performed by Judy Garland. I've been asked to sing a patriotic song for church on July 3rd and just cannot choose. Right now this is the front runner, but I'm not sure how well I'll pull it off. But Judy Garland did awesome. Just awesome.

My second song, well, I just like it. Now, I don't actually swear so I'm not gonna share the title (by P!nk) but many of you already know the song... and I don't think she actually swears in the song at all. Anyway, I love it! First time I heard it was shortly after a HS friend committed suicide. It still makes me tear up everytime I see the video.


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  1. I'm from the link-up. I never did see the video of Judy singing the Battle Hymn. I cried, to be honest. She did a superb job. The Pink so I didn't listen to because I don't like her at all (sorry), but I'm thanking you a LOT for posting the Battle Hymn of the Republic. I hope your song, whatever you end up singing for church, is wonderful. Can you post a video of it? I'd love to see. :)