Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Speech Progress

I am thrilled to report that Will's communication is getting much, MUCH better!

He has several new words and uses them spontaneously to communicate. Not just with me and Ryan, but with others (mostly adults) he comes in contact with. It is great.

He is anamored with dogs right now. I turned on "Lady and the Tramp" and got to hear "puppy" and "puppy" over and over again. And then me, being a mom of a child with a speech disorder, I am vocalizing all of the actions and going-ons of the movie while he continuously points out the dogs. Do you know how often a dog is on the screen in that movie?! I'm just saying...

Will's attempts at words is greatly improving. And when prompted, he can sometimes get two or three words together. Such great progress.

I'm not sure if he's up to 20 consistent words yet, but he's getting close.

His babbling is nearly all the time now as well.

He also has numerous approximated words. His newest? "Bap-baa" for iPod. Yup, that's my boy... all about technology.



  1. Sweet. So glad he's doing better:)

  2. Thats totally how it starts. This time last year was when anthony maybe had 2 words. He now has more words then i can count and speaks in 3-5 word sentences. So exciting


  3. Hooray! I teach deaf & hard of hearing children who often have trouble HEARING speech sounds so we work a lot with intelligibility, spontaneous & illicited language, etc. Glad to hear that your son is making such great strides!

  4. Yay! That's awesome! :D Go Will!