Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some summer fun

I never posted this video from the beginning of June!

Less than a year ago this boy was basically mute. Not even babbling sounds. Lots of work and therapy and look at him now!

In other news, New Mexico has been dealing with the smoke from that HUGE fire in Arizona. There have been several evenings where we can't even go outside because the smoke is so bad it's hard to breathe. Lately it hasn't really showed up, thankfully. The sky would look overcast and the sun would be red. It was a bit freaky.

That upper sky is not evening dusk... it's grey from smoke.
 And now some pics of the kids!

this is a little dress I whipped up for Alanna one night. I didn't use a pattern, just made it. There is also a matching diaper cover.
This week we stayed busy and I took both kids to the pool. It was a bit more difficult than I was expecting, but we all had a wonderful time. Neither child wanted to leave and none of us got any sunburns! Knowing my skin, that is quite a feat!

I just adore baby feet!
I really am hoping for more summer fun!



  1. YAY for pretty sunsets (even with smoke), no sunburns, babbling little boys and awesome patternless dresses!

  2. It is so awesome that Will is saying more words! :D Answered prayer!

    The pool looks so good!!!! I so wish I could join you! Maybe after Daphne is born . . .