Monday, June 6, 2011

A reason to like Mondays & VBS

I know hubby hates Mondays... but I have a reason to like them and it's one of the main reasons he hates them.

Reason: he has to wear his blues!


I mean, I get to see him nearly all other days in his ABU's, but there's just something about a man in uniform, his dressy uniform, that makes me all happy.

Oh, I wanted to share something random. Ryan likes to watch FOX News. Well, that whole somewhat scandal thing has been reported on about Congressman Anthony Weiner and the text message photos or tweets or whatever. I looked at Ryan and said, "sorry honey, but if your last name was Weiner, I would have kept my maiden name." He smiled, looked at me and said, "if my last name was Weiner I would have happily taken your last name." You would think that guy would have petitioned for a name change years ago...

In other news: VBS started today. I'm a crew leader of 5 kids, 3 of which are foster kids. They are quite "energetic" but it's fun. The one kid has such a great personality even if he is very hyper. Then I've got 2 quieter kids but they're sweet in their own way. I think one of the girls isn't quite sure what to think of me and I wonder if she is not there by choice... but I hope to win her over!

My poor kids have early mornings all week because of VBS... makes for early bedtimes, hopefully.

Pray for me to keep up energy through the week.


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  1. I'm so glad you're having a great time at VBS! :) I so wish I could be there . . . next year!

    I agree with you about a man in uniform - alas Mike doesn't have to wear his blues on Mondays because he's considered maintenance. :( So I have to wait for special occasions. Or I'll get out the wedding album. >:)