Monday, June 27, 2011

Heating Up

Things are heating up down here in Albuquerque, and it's not just the weather.

Ryan is working on his application stuff to AFIT (Air Force Institute of Technology). There is a good chance he's gonna make it in... but he just has to get all the paperwork done. Oh, and that GRE to study for and actually take.

If he gets in we can end up in 2 likely places: Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio or the Post-Graduate school in Monterey, California. Can you guess what my choice would be? Not like we get a choice though.

And there's a possibility we'd be moving in the VERY near future depending on which semester he gets accepted to. And I mean VERY near future.


Then again, Ryan's window of deployment also occurs in the next several months so who knows what is really in store.

In other news: the kids and I have been keeping busy. We're definitely taking advantage of our Explora pass in town. Hoping to get more use from the pool as well.

Will's words are increasing and his attempt at communication with others is improving as well. Today he was telling a girl "no" when she was trying to take the ball he was playing with. Then when she did in fact take the ball he asked "ball please" for her to return it... which she did not.

Which leads me to a rant now:

Parents: when you are in a place with many other small children please be watching your kids and not chatting loudly on your cell phone (whether in English or some other language) not paying attention. When your child then does something mean (pushing, hitting, taking toys, throwing things, etc...) step in and actually address the problem. It is rude to ignore it making other parents feel uncomfortable getting after your child and they already feel uncomfortable, period, that your kid is misbehaving, probably affecting their kid in the process. Since you weren't paying attention anyway, I assume you didn't realize how many people ended up leaving the area because of the disruption of your kids!

Moving on...

I think I've chosen my song for church on July 3rd. Ha! Now that it's less than a week away! Guess I should get to practicing.

With Independence Day upon us, guess we should make some plans. What are you doing for the 4th of July??


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