Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Well Child Checkups

I forgot to post about the well checkups last week!

We didn't see our usual pediatrician because I wanted both appointments back-to-back and with the available appointments in the proper time frame we had to see a different doctor. That's okay, because I like her and turns out I'm really glad we saw her.

So, Will is doing well. He gained weight from the last time they saw him (few months ago) and is growing. While discussing his case, the doctor says she wants him to see a developmental pediatrician. I was going to ask for that anyway, but I'm glad she got on that. Thing is, there aren't a bunch here and there is a "good" one that she wants us to see. I got the call today and we can't get in until late September... but we're on the list and have an appointment! Also, she was not satisfied that he was scheduled for his endocrinology appointment 60 days out and she wanted him to see one of her preferred doctors, so now Will has an appointment next week! In addition, she wants him to get speech therapy (something I was also saying) and she is in contact with the eating clinic we saw before to have them follow up and actually get TriCare to cover speech!

All good news! I was really glad we got to see her because she's been at this base longer than our current Peds doctor and she seems more on the ball about things. I was very happy.

Alanna also was seen. She's up to 18 pounds now and her milestones are great! She seems to be developing right as she should. But... I did explain that she hadn't been feeling well all week and as soon as the doc looked in her ears she says, "oh yeah, she's got a double ear infection." Poor girl. She was never pulling on her ears at all! So she's on her antibiotics for 10 days. As of yesterday afternoon she seems back to herself. I also have to take her to get a certain blood draw, but wasn't able to before so I'm hoping to get it done tomorrow.

And the doctor wants to see them both in 3 months to be sure everything is working out, to review the followups, and be sure Alanna doesn't have a problem with fluid build up in her ears.

All in all, not a bad appointment.

In other news we got a bill from the civillian blood lab for over $2,300 for all that blood work done back in January on Will. I called the proper people and it should all be worked out since the doctor was the one who requested the labs so TriCare should cover it. That's just not a nice thing to see come in the mail randomly.



  1. That's a lot of money for blood work! Not that I know how much that costs since thankfully I've always had insurance to cover it. Praying TriCare covers it:) And YAY for finding a dr you like! Glad both kiddos are doing well.

  2. I hope Tricare covers those bills, too. If they don't, keep pushing. We actually let Klaw lapse into Standard because we were having so many problems getting Tricare to cover his medical needs (he has a rare disorder - VLCADD). We haven't had problems since. Just keep pushing...