Saturday, May 14, 2011

To travel or not to travel

I'm getting the itch.

The traveling itch.

It wasn't too bad in Japan since nearly everything was a travel. There were so many things to see and it was fairly easy to just get up and go since it was usually just me. The base had multiple tours every month or I could just hop on the train and go to a new place.

Now I've got the kiddos, which sometimes makes things a bit tougher.

My post last week really kicked things in high gear. Yes, I've done some of the things in New Mexico I've been wanting to do like visit Roswell, check out Old Town, go to the Balloon Fiesta, see the tree lighting in Santa Fe Plaza, go to the Four Corners... oh but there's so much more!

This weekend I nearly just packed up some bags so I could go to Southern New Mexico... but I had some commitments in town and hubby hadn't been clued in on my ideas so I didn't go.

It's coming though! I briefly chatted with Tegan about doing the Salt Mission Trail drive. It can be done in a (long) day and we've both got little ones so hopefully we can help each other out.

Also, Ryan and I are discussing our trip to the Grand Canyon! Yay! He's starting to truly be on board about this. Turns out his aunt, uncle, and cousin will be in Phoenix in August so right now we're discussing visiting with them and then going to the Grand Canyon or first enjoy the Grand Canyon then visit with his family before heading back to Albuquerque. We've got time to figure it out. I'm just excited we'll finally be going! I went once before when I was about 2 or 3 so of course I don't remember anything! Don't think Ryan has ever been there.

Do you like to travel around where you live? Do you like long car rides?


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  1. Personally I love road trips. I have such great memories (for the most part) of road trips, as a child, a teen and an adult. Now that I have a digital camera that can hold lots of pictures, I love to take pictures of the scenery. I'm sure to anyone looking at them, it's boring, but not to me. :)

    Have you read the book New Mexico Scenic Drives? I checked it out from the library on base last fall and wrote them all down and Mike and I want to do all of them before we leave. Some are really short, like the Enchanted Circle (we should so do that!), which is about 2-3 hours, and some are day trips from where they start, which isn't near ABQ.

    Great post! :) I'm excited about doing the Salt Mission Trail drive with you!