Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Potty Progress!

Somedays you just want to go to a different place.

Like here:

vacationing at Bellows Air Force Station in Hawaii
 or here:

vacationing at Okuma Military Resort in Okinawa, Japan

Not that today was bad... it was actually pretty good.

But, although New Mexico may have some of the most beautiful sandy beaches... they're missing the ocean. And who wouldn't want to see that view nearly every day?! I'm just craving some coastline is all.

Changing the subject: Will is making some great progress in his potty training! FINALLY! We are bribing him with stickers for every time he goes pee and if he poops he gets a tattoo. It's really working. Today he even took himself once without me telling him! I'm so happy. He also has a little chart for days when he has no accidents. Right now he only has 2 stickers on it but I'm sure they'll be more soon and once he has a week's worth completed maybe he'll get a special toy.

I'm sure having new Buzz Lightyear undies gives him some incentive too!

---- maybe not.


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  1. YAY for potty training. You'll get through this mama:)

    I too would love to be in Hawaii or Japan! We have coastline...you should come visit:)