Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

My reason for Mother's Day
I'll be honest... the day didn't start out making me feel that awesome. Ryan has been studying all week for his final and basically hasn't been around at all. Then I've been reading Facebook posts and Blogs from women about how they're being spoiled this weekend and all the fun things they're doing and lovely gifts they're receiving.

And Tegan, along the lines of your post, my love language is Gifts and Acts of Service.

Anyway, so when Saturday rolled around Ryan says that with his studying he doesn't have time to do anything for Mother's Day. No lunch, no dinner, no outing or anything. I was bummed.

Sunday morning comes and I'm the one who got up early with the kids, got them fed and dressed while he was still sleeping in. I finally get him up and tell him to either shower or let me shower... he takes the shower. A LONG shower. That man doesn't remember his basic training days apparently! When I finally get to shower it is less than 10 minutes; no time to shave my legs so I don't get to wear the dress I was planning on wearing. Bummer.

Then we were running a bit late for church (taking separate cars so he could go off to study immediatly after service) and he knows something is bothering me. So I tell him... it's Mother's Day and I feel neglected and unappreciated. I'm sure my whole "time of the month" thing is making me more over emotional than I should really be.

Church was good, improved my spirits. I get home, get the kids fed and Lana down for her nap (though she didn't really sleep). A few hours later Ryan returns for his "break" and says we'll do our quick Mother's Day celebrating. I received some pretty flowers, cards, chocolate, the new Harry Potter Movie and... best of all... the Vera Bradley Tote Bag from Barnes & Noble with a matching small tech bag that I'd been eyeing!

He had reserved the flowers earlier in the week and just had to pick them up and he had all the gifts purchased by Saturday... he just didn't give them to me until Sunday afternoon.

Monday, since his final will be finished, we're supposed to go out for dinner and probably a movie.

Not too bad of a day. Just me and the kids.

I did remember to call my mom. She's taking care of my oldest sister who just had knee surgery (again) on Friday.


My mom is awesome. I really have a lot of respect and appreciation for her. First off, my mom and dad have been married 32 years now... no easy feat.  
Their Wedding Day, May 1979
My mom is also a Navy Wife... also no easy feat.  
Dad and Mom
 My mom was a stay-at-home-mom to four kids, with husband out to sea for good portions of our lives.  
Mom and us kids out camping
 My mom stuck by my dad in some pretty bad times and came through it.
Mom and Dad during the dating years. I can't get over those sideburns!
 She dealt with 3 teenaged girls (that deserves an award in itself) and raised a responsible young man as well who is now an Army Officer. All four of us kids have graduated from college with our Bachelor's Degrees, high grades to go with it. My two older sisters have already received their Master's Degrees.
My brother's HS Graduation in 2005
 No, she wasn't perfect... but no mother is. She has set a great example of loving and caring for her children (and whoever else's kids happen to be at the house as well) and having a God-fearing household. We always knew we were important to her and even now, if something happens, I can always call on her and she'll be there. 
My mom with me as a baby
All four of us kids with Mom on her birthday in December
Mom with her Grandbabies (and pets)
Our ENTIRE family at Christmas
TOP: Brother-in-Law Kevin, Husband Ryan, Brother Mike
Middle: Sister Melissa, Me, Sister LaRetta
Bottom: Dad holding William and Mom holding Alanna
 And I can't sign off on Mother's Day without a nod to the Matriarch of the family, my Grandma (my mom's mom). Today would have been her 79th Birthday. She was a woman who DEARLY loved her family... her husband of 50 years, all 10 of her surviving children and the DOZENS of grandchildren. I really don't have the words to say all that much about her because she was such an amazing woman. Read Proverbs 31 and you get the idea. Her children and babies were everything to her. She was respected and loved, strong, talented, a woman of few words. She is sorely missed on a daily basis, even now, nearly 11 years after her death. I tell ya, she would have LOVED my little ones... especially Will with his dark brown eyes.
My Grandma & Grandpa at their 50th Wedding Anniversary with all 10 of their children, about a month before her death.
I also recognize that this can be a tough emotional day for those women who are still waiting to be mothers. I know several. Even now I feel some guilt that I was so quickly blessed with two children while others have been waiting years. I don't know why this is and I pray that God will answer their requests just as he did with Hannah in the Bible. May Psalm 113:9 be their celebration!



  1. I am sorry that your Mother's Day started out so rough. :( I'm glad that you did get the gift that you wanted and chocolate and flowers. :)

    I love your dedication to your Mom - that is really neat. I'm really glad that she is able to be apart of your life and has been apart of your life your whole life.

    And Alanna looks exactly like you did when you were a baby! I love genetics! :D