Friday, May 6, 2011

Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2011


I didn't want the day to pass without wishing all my wonderful fellow Mil Spouses a Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

Especially my mom!

Did you know this is supposed to occur every Friday before Mother's Day?! I sure didn't... until today.

Too bad other than maybe a Facebook post or two I didn't receive any appreciation. Don't worry, I'm not bitter about it.

Hubby has been busy studying for his final so he hasn't been around, Will had some therapy, and then since the kids were stir crazy we wandered the mall where I bought stuff for them (mostly shoes).

One of these days I'll go to the mall and actually buy something for myself!

And just for giggles, here's a quick list of SOME my favorite MilSpouse bloggers -- in no particular order!

Oh... and there are so many more... but it's late and I don't want to keep making links.



  1. Happy Milspouse appreciation day to you too! And thanks for the love:)

  2. I'm so honored to be on your list! Wow! Thank you! That made my day! :)

  3. Happy Mil Spouse Appreciation day to you too!! And thank you so much for passing along the "torch" for the Mil Spouse Weekly Roundup, so that I could host this week :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!