Thursday, May 5, 2011

Drawbacks to getting what you wished for...

Ryan and I had a brief conversation about something we always wished for but now that it's happeneing, we are annoyed.

William won't shut up.

Yeah, that's right. This boy who would never really make a peep now won't stop!

In some ways I can only laugh because we, forever, have been encouraging sounds and voice projection. Now I'm consistently having to tell him to be quiet or use inside voices. He's babbling about everything and trying to actually use the few words he has to communicate his wants. When he sees something he starts up all sorts of noise so that we can comment that we understand and also see what he is trying to explain and if we don't comment he won't stop! We've had meltdowns over this.

He isn't always clear and if I can't figure it out he can be very upset. And then there are times when I'm in a hurry and don't have time to play 20 questions to figure it out... so I try to move on and he meltsdown.

But yeah, constant.

Like this afternoon, Ryan was home briefly and we're trying to have a quick conversation about the evening and Will is right there chattering up a storm of his babbling REALLY LOUD and we have to tell him to be quiet so we can actually speak without yelling over him.

I mean, I really do love the improvements he's making but to be honest, I'm not used to a little kid talking all the time. It even throws me off sometimes when I'll be with friends who also have young kids and their kids actually say when they want something. I'm so used to having to anticipate his needs so he doesn't have to complain about them. Or, anticipate so that when he does come to me I understand why he's upset.

We're adjusting.

I'm just thrilled he is communicating verbally as much as he can.

(Oh, and thanks to my sister for helping me with the missing word!)


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  1. OH! Goodness! That brings back memories! haha When our first daughter was itty bitty...and on a long road trip from New Mexico to Wisconsin, my hubby and I ended up "playing a game"...our daughter would be "talking up a storm" in her car seat, my hubby would count and see how long between one question or her just talking about anything and everything! Often times, we barely was able to manage " thousand" and she was on another topic or question! :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

    We are out of town, so not able to do much blog stuff, but wanted to thank you for stopping by, linking up, and commenting for a chance to win one of the Personalized Sketches art that I do. ...Hope you come back any time. When we get back home, I want to come back and check out your post of your dad when you were little, that you mentioned.