Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A small... what?!

The wind is truly in an uproar today. No joke we are having spring weather in Albuquerque today. So... the kids and I are staying indoors.

Speaking of the kids, Lana is spending more time in bed sleeping today than she is awake. She sort of did the same thing yesterday. Not that I should be complaining, but I do like to play with my baby. Maybe she's growing a bunch as well as teething - which seems to be never-ending and she only has 3 teeth! Also, she's had a cough and runny nose the last few days but no fever. I hope she feels back to normal soon.

Update on Will: he is talking MORE! He's trying to say "bike" "keys" "cold" "hot" and is overall communicating verbally more often. We are definitely in a growth of speech right now and I'm loving it. During therapy it was obvious he knew the names and sounds of all the animals he just can't quite get them all to come out sounding right.

We got a call from the pediatric clinic yesterday about the MRI Will had a while ago. Apparently they found something they consider "non-specific" because more testing will be required to find out if it is a problem or not. What is it? Well, it seems that Will has a 'small' pituitary gland. This could be a cause for his lack in growth, then again, it could be nothing. We're now waiting for our referral to the endocrinologist (should be here in a week or so) for the next step.




  1. YAY for more communication:) That's great that Will is improving!

  2. We are having crazy weather up here too! I hope Lana feels better soon and Yay! for Will! :)

    By the way, I've given you an award! Stop by my food blog, www.melissascuisine.blogspot.com, to check it out when you get a chance!

  3. That's great that Will is saying more words! Yay! :D

    I hope that Alanna feels better soon, she didn't look like she was feeling too good earlier.

    I hope that everything turns out all right with Will's pituitary gland. Definitely will be praying.