Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Re-learning Childhood Songs

Do you remember being a kid and singing along to songs only to realize, as an adult, you were singing them WRONG?

This is a conversation I've had with my sisters before. Especially since having little ones of my own I've had to re-learn of a few of my favorite songs -- or at least learn the right words.

An example would be "The Birdies in the Treetops". For the life of me I didn't know what the flowers in the garden did! Blend the blue? Lend their hue? Blind the dew? Bend and loo? I mean, I was a pre-schooler or kindergartner for goodness sake!

It took a search on the internet to learn that the flowers in the garden, did, in fact, blend their hue.

My one sister told me that she hard a funny story on KLOVE radio station. The song "I Am A Friend of God" is fairly popular. A woman called in and said her child sings the lyrics this way:

I am afraid of God.
I am afraid of God.
I am afraid of God,
He calls me Fred.

I burst out laughing. That was too cute. I might be kinda terrifed of God if he called me Fred, too!

Anyway, today I finally learned the right words to a song I've sung since as long as I can remember! From Beth Moore, no less!

Yes, I learned all 66 books of the Bible at a very young age. I guess it helps when you would make yearly (or bi-yearly), 2-day, family road trips from San Diego, CA to the border of Oregon and Washington listening to the little "Jesus" tapes, as I call them.

Now, I could say all the names of the books, but there was a part in the New Testament where you go from Acts to Romans and there was a little part in there that I never knew what it was saying. It went kinda fast.

Acts to the leeks to the Romans? There's no book of Leeks in the Bible... and what the heck's a leek?
Acts and the Greeks to the Romans? That made more sense to me. Greeks and Romans. But why would we put Greeks in there?? That doesn't seem to fit with the song.

Today I learned it is "Acts and the letter to the Romans" Thank you Beth Moore! I'm not sure everybody got that joke on your video, but I sure did!

Wanna understand what song I'm really talking about? I found a little video on YouTube of a guy singing it. The version I know, anyway. Click on the link below and don't let it creep you out.



  1. Too funny! I sing the wrong words to lots of songs, but luckily for me, so does my husband! We just laugh :)

  2. I totally didn't get Beth Moore's joke yesterday morning, so thank you for clearing that up. :) I also don't know the Bible book songs, so thanks for the link. :)