Thursday, April 21, 2011

On a Historical Event

Just as I went to write this blog I noticed it was my 200th post! Whoo!

Things have been pretty busy lately. Therapies, Alanna's birthday, bible study, choir practice, Easter shopping, and trying to keep this house together. I made progress with Mt. Laundry today; he's more of a hill now.

Can I just say how BEAUTIFUL the weather in Albuquerque has been? Love it! I mean, Washington is beautiful and all, I enjoy all the green... but there is a reason it is so green. It's called RAIN. Yeah... we don't get too much of that down here. Right now we are dealing with the Spring Wind, which is annoying, but we still have lovely clear blue skies and sunshine.


Now, is anybody out there excited for the Royal Wedding? William and Kate? To be honest, I kinda am. I don't think I'll stay up uber late or get up early to watch it, but I might DVR the ceremony to watch when I have time to sit and enjoy it. How often do we get to see an heir to the throne get married? It's historical!

While at the BX the other day there was a group of non-American military members standing in front of me at the food court. I noticed by their uniforms they were British so I struck up a conversation with them. Nice people, really. I love the English! (If you're reading this Jayne - I miss you!!!) During our talking the food server asked them about the Royal Wedding and they gave that roll your eyes, smile politely, annoyed look. I laughed. They'd been getting those questions a lot lately.

And, no, they were not excited about the ceremony. But they are happy to be getting that day off.

I think the British Monarchy is something interesting... yet us Americans don't really have something to equate it to. I mean, we had the Revolutionary War to prevent that from happening. LOL.

Then I thought, well, when Chelsea Clinton (daughter of a former President) got married I really couldn't have cared less. I don't even know the name of the guy she married or where it happened. Then again, I doubt she will be a future ruler of our country so it's not very history making.

I debated on throwing a little wedding party with tea and scones and those adorable little sandwitches to have a nice time, but I think it'll be a bit more work than I want to take on. Maybe for the next Royal Wedding, eh??

So, are you going to watch the wedding? Are you even interested?



  1. The royal wedding is taking place on my mom's I'm going to celebrate that instead:) YAY for getting laundry pile is just getting bigger:(

  2. Happy 200th post! Albequerque...New Mexico was a part of my life...I graduated from Alamogordo High School, NM (eons ago!), my dad retired from the AF at Holloman AFB (but then moved to Wisconsin), I met my hubby there and this was our first home there as a newlywed, and our oldest child was born there...Wow! it has been so long since we have been back since we had never gotten reassigned there. Anywho... so nice to meet you!

    You are right, the royal wedding is a historical event. I love weddings, but I hadn't thought about this one until I read your post...(hm..I guess I hadnt paid much attention to the news lately :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  3. Congratulations on #200!

    I love weddings, so I will probably DVR the royal wedding. I know it will be amazing!

  4. I wasn't planning on watching the Royal Wedding, but I'm sure my Mom will be. She's Australian, and they pay homage to the Queen still, so she is very into the royalty and all that. I remember she spent hours watching all the stuff on Princess Diana when she got married in the 80's. Although, since her country is under the sovereign reign, I can see why she is interested. :)

    How did Alanna's birthday go? I'm sorry that we weren't able to make it. :(

    And Congrats on Post #200!! That's awesome! :)