Friday, April 29, 2011

Milspouse Weekly Roundup

Welcome to the Milspouse Weekly Roundup!

Wife on the Rollar Coaster started this up so all us busy military spouses can link up our favorite post for the week. It is a quick and easy way to catch up with favorite bloggers -- and meet new ones! Thank you to my friend Poekitten at Many Waters for passing this on to me to host this week!


So Hello! I'm Sierra and this is my little blog, The Tervo Times. It's my place to keep family and friends informed on the going-ons in our family, post recipes I enjoy, update on my son's therapies, and sometimes just write about whatever comes into my head I feel like sharing. Soon to come, some book reviews.

I've been military my whole life; born and raised a Navy brat. After my dad retired we stayed in beautiful Washington State where I continued on to college and met my future husband in AFROTC. Not long after, we got married and the Air Force sent us to Japan for 4 years!

Me and Ryan on our wedding day March 2005

Getting ready to climb Mt. Fuji. Yes, we did make it to the top and if you ever get the chance -- do it!

While in Japan we had our first child, William, in March 2008. Then a few months before we left we became pregnant with our second child, Alanna, who was born at our new station in New Mexico in April 2010.

Here are my little ones at the Easter Egg hunt last weekend.

And rounding out our family is our little dog, Maya. We had a lot of training issues in the beginning (some of which you can find in earlier blog posts) but she is a great dog and seems to have conquered those house training flaws.

Maya the Havanese
We LOVE living in New Mexico. The weather is nearly always gorgeous and the desert truly has its own beauty. Yeah, there is a lot of crime outside the gates of the base, but that is fairly common for any large city. To be honest, I wouldn't mind staying here for many more years -- military willing.

Some things I enjoy:
my family, Netflix, theatre, sewing, being with friends,
sight-seeing, singing, vacationing, long car rides,
baking, reading, and the onsen

Some things I don't enjoy:
laundry, mean people on the phone, stinky plane rides,
traffic, cockroaches, being sick,
black coffee, and dirty sink traps

Life isn't all sunshine, rainbows and roses. We do have challenges. Currently we have been working very hard with our son who has Apraxia, a severe speech disorder. It can be difficult traversing the special education system, trying therapies, and now we're approaching our time of fighting TriCare for services after aging out of the Early Intervention Program. But, he is making wonderful progress and I'm very proud.

Please look around on my blog, check previous posts to get to know me. I do read every comment that comes my way and happily read through e-mails sent as well.

Next week link up with Maria at Personalized Sketches & Sentiments who will host. She was very eager for the job and after checking out her blog you will find she has some rich history as well as talent!

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  1. Beautiful wedding pic!

    Thanks so much for hosting :)

    Have a great weekend!

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  3. Hope you have a great weekend:) Thanks for hosting!

  4. Thank you so much for hosting! This is the first time I've been to your blog. Now to go sleuthing lol...

  5. Fun reading about you here... I grew up in the military (Dad's retired AF) and married military (hubby was AF and then flew helicopters for the Army). :o) My brother is Navy and was stationed in Sasebo...and his two children were born there :o) I graduated from high school (eons ago) and met my hubby at Holloman AFB, New Mexico :o)

    What great photos of your wedding and your cute little ones :o) Is Maya a Bischon? Hope you get a chance to stop by :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  6. oops! I got so excited about you passing on the "torch" for hosting...that I didnt say THANK YOU!!! You are a sweetie!

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