Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Lost Weekend

Wow, this weekend went fast.

Friday night Ryan wasn't feeling well. Saturday morning he wasn't feeling well either. Turns out I wasn't feeling well mid-morning.

We were both SICK.

I slept most of the afternoon away and Ryan watched the kids. After one spell of puking I seemed to get over the worst. Sprite and some gatorade were my friends for the evening.

Not sure if it was a slight touch of food posioning (nothing like LAST time) or if it was a 24-hour flu or what. It was nice that at least this time we weren't too sick to take care of our own kids. It also helped that this thing hit us at separate times so Ryan got over most of his before I went down.

Sunday morning we were pretty much back to normal. At church I learned there's a stomach bug going around. Not sure that's really what we had... but I'm just glad we're over it.

Neither of the kids seem to have any symptions which makes us lean towards food posioning.

In other - AWESOME - news, my friend had her baby Saturday night. Everybody is healthy and doing well! Awww....


So, confession time.

Alanna will be a year old this month. I'm now craving another baby. I know, I already have 2 and when I was younger I used to say I only wanted 1 or 2 kids. Of course, that was before I had a baby of my own.

I love it.

I love being pregnant. I love being a mom. I love watching the interactions between my little ones. It is very enriching to my life. Just the development and growth of a personality and a real person just amazes me. I can't imagine a child NOT being a blessing to our lives.

Ryan and I have talked about it and at this time he doesn't want to have another kid. He's trying to go for his master's degree, his future in the military is up in the air because of foreshaping this fall, he's working on other stuff... to him it is not the right time. He wants to wait a few more years and then re-evaluate.

So, we're waiting. But honestly, I don't want to wait TOO long because I fear that if I get away from "baby world" I may not want to go back. You know, the kids are potty trained and starting school, more independent... then add a newborn. Ummm, no.

We'll just have to wait and see what God has in store for us. If we're going to have another baby in the very near future God's gonna have to make it happen 'cause we're not. Or maybe God needs to change hubby's mind because I'm willing and ready! :)


P.S. I'll state that I am NOT that kind of woman who tricks her partner into getting her pregnant. I think that is wrong and hurtful to a marriage and trust -- just putting that out there.

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  1. Weekends always seem to go by so fast! Glad you're feeling better:)