Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kiddos Stuff

Ahhh... yes. Notice the new layout? I like this better. I'll say it again, though: I'm hoping to get this thing designed by somebody eventually. For now it will change whenever I have time and feel like doing an update.

I guess not TOO much is going on. But I wanted to give a little update on Will's progress and well as what Alanna is up to.

Will clearly says "bye-bye" and "hi" and is getting close with "night-night" and "good night". He is trying to communicate more and more and many times it sounds like he's trying to say "mine" when fighting with Alanna and "I go" when he wants to leave with Ryan or just go somewhere out the front door.

He is becoming more active and has grown! It seems he went through a growth spurt recently and is now at 3 feet tall. Also --- he gained like 2 pounds! Totally awesome.

We got him a special medical alert bracelet that is basically for safety in case he ever separates from us. I think I blogged about it, but maybe I didn't. He loves to wear it and will even show it off if asked. On the front it says:


and on the reverse it has his name and our phone numbers. I ended up buying it from Petite Baubles Boutique. It came in the mail very quickly and I love that it is easy to put on and take off. There are also a LOT of different bands to choose from. And honestly, the price of $25 wasn't too bad, especially to keep our minds at ease.

Potty training is STILL going on. Sometimes he does great, other times he doesn't. For the time being I will not be getting a potty watch, but it continues to be an option if necessary in the future.

Alanna seems to be growing like a weed! Man, that girl is gonna be hard to keep up with 'cause she's always on the move. She never wants to hold my hand and unless SHE wants to, she doesn't really want to be held all that much.

She's in love with the dog. When she gets up in the morning and we go in the living room she immediatly starts pointing to the back door and saying "duuuuh, duuuuuh" and sometimes puts the "g" sound on the end. Lana calls the horses at Will's hippotherapy dogs as well.

Her other words include "mama" "dada" "duck" and "up" though getting her to use them properly is still a challenge. She babbles all the time and I love it. She also whines a lot, too.

The girl EATS. She loves food. She loves veggies. She loves peas. Right now I'm weaning her from bottles to sippy cups. I know my mom hates that we use sippy cups, but it works for us. Lana can drink out of a normal cup, but she's so stubborn and fights me and just wants to put her hand in the cup when I'm working with her. This month is when the formula is really being reduced. Like I was telling Ryan, at this point if I was breastfeeding, she would be down to maybe 1 or 2 feedings a day. So we're working on that.

Alanna is climbing on anything and everything. She can't get on the couch, yet, but I know she'll be going for it soon. She enjoys getting on Will's tricycle as well as the smaller push car (pictured below).

I believe that second top tooth is finally coming in. That might explain the whining. I can see it but it hasn't cut through. She always has her tongue sticking out now and the drooling has become a bit extreme lately. I'm pretty sure that means she's cutting teeth. LOL.

She has such a loud personality that it is hard to describe online. When my brother visited he said my videos don't do justice of my kids. So just take my word for it.

Will & Lana playing at the park Riding the push car together

And since I didn't share these before: here is when my brother came to visit. It was great having him here and I'll truly miss him and worry about him when he deploys.

I don't know what's up with that weird face he's giving. How cute with his niece.

And now some videos:

Here's Will working on saying "bye bye" and "mommy" together

The kids during bathtime

Alanna at the park

Sorry I kept turning the camera. But here's Alanna on the swings for the first time. Will, next to her, is doing some occupational therapy and you can hear his therapist talking and working with him. I hope you can hear the little concerned whines from Alanna... it was so cute.

Okay... that's all!


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  1. Love the new layout! The kids are adorable:) I want to meet them next time you come to WA.