Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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Welcome to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly! I like to blog about my days and weeks but sometimes it's good to just give a summary of what went on.
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Now for My week!

The Good:
· Will has started making more understandable sounds (at least to those closest to him) which is a HUGE step in the process of talking.
· I found an Easter Dress to actually wear this year at church.
· Alanna had her first birthday and it looks like her 4th tooth is FINALLY breaking through the gums.
· We went to the church Easter Egg Hunt and had a blast. Alanna even picked up one egg that had a $100 gift certificate to a local photo studio. Also, Will climbed up the HUGE bouncy slide, by himself, twice – something we’d been working on in therapy.
· The new season of Dr. Who started this evening.
· Insurance is reimbursing us the full amount of the damage we reported to them on our personal stuff.

The Bad:
· I finally get a ton of laundry done and then more gets piled up. I swear, it’s those evil laundry gnomes! You all know how much I HATE laundry.
· Will fell while playing on Alanna’s new toy, smacking his forehead on the handle of one of our movie cases then face planted into the glass door. He now has a big bruise to show off at Easter.

The Ugly:
· Ryan missed out on all the wonderful fun and memory making because he had to work… and is still there over 12 hours later.
· I just learned that a childhood friend of mine’s mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer and, though not aggressive, will need surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Prayers please.
· I made resurrection cookies with the kids this evening… but I don’t think they are going to turn out right. Not sure what I did wrong. Maybe it’s the elevation? Too much sugar? A little bit of yolk got in the egg whites?? We’ll find out tomorrow morning.



  1. I was going to do Resurrection cookies, and I completely forgot to do them until about 2030 - and of course the kids were already in bed and I didn't even know if I had the right ingredients. ::sigh:: How did yours turn out on Sunday morning?

  2. Tegan- The cookies did NOT turn out. I even whipped those things for 15 minutes and never got stiff peaks. I put them in the oven anyway and they never rose but when I broke them open they were somewhat hollow. I'm thinking it had something to do with the elevation. Maybe if I had added some baking soda they might have turned out better, but I don't know.