Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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Welcome to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly! I like to blog about my days and weeks but sometimes it's good to just give a summary of what went on.

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Now for my week!!!!

The Good:
- my brother visited over the weekend and it was a great time! We ate out, saw a movie, and just had time to catch up.
- Will had doctors appointments this week and he GAINED WEIGHT! He also grew! We're supposed to keep doing what we're doing and hopefully we'll continue making progress.
- At the appointment we learned we will be getting additional Occupational Therapy for Will and they're going to re-submit to insurance again to get additional Speech Therapy as well.
- I have registed with etsy and have begun to create inventory for my store when it opens (hopefully this month!!!)
- Got to spend some quality time with the wonderful Mandie who it feels I haven't seen in AGES!
- I actually did my full week of Bible Study homework!
- Ryan was able to fix the laptop and get the trojan horse virus off as well as install new antivirus.
The Bad:
- Though the laptop is working, the charging cord has been having issues. It is now broken and the laptop is dead. I'm stuck in the closet office to do anything on the computer.
- With all my busy-ness this week I've fallen behind on chores and feel like my laundry room will attack me if I walk in there.
- Because of the doctor appointment we had to miss Horse Therapy and don't know if we'll get to reschedule even though they knew about it last week.
The Ugly:
- The kids got spring/Easter/birthday pictures and I got royally screwed in the customer service. Our appointment (the only appointment of the day) was at 11:00 and we should have been done by 12:00 but I didn't get out of there until 1:30!!! Long story...
- While at said pictures, the kids weren't exactly cooperating and Alanna fell off the raised platform and had a major meltdown... in the store... in front of everybody.
- Spent waaay more money at the commissary than I wanted. Stupid 3 weeks between paychecks.
Ryan has been stressing out over his PFT in the next week so I've pretty much been a single parent lately. I'm sure he'll do just fine... but I look forward to it being over.

Overall I had a great week though. How was yours???


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