Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chore Hating

My mom said she heard the comment, "cleaning a house with small children is like shoveling a walkway during a blizzard."

Oh, how true that is.

I went in the closet office to do some stuff online after I just straighted up the living room. When I came out less than 10 minutes later William had trashed it again (and he was in the closet office with me for most of that time). How does that happen?!

I think every chore in this house needs to be done... yet here I am blogging. Kitchen, dishes, living room, vaccuming, sweeping/mopping, laundry (wash & fold), toys put away, change the sheets, pick up the yard, go through the mail... and I really need to get to those bathrooms. Thankfully Ryan is taking out the trash as I type this up.

Sometimes I really hate chores. But I hate it even more when I wasn't the one making the mess!

Oh well.

In brighter news I bought my ticket for the baby and me to travel to California next month for a long weekend. I'm excited! Ryan and Will are gonna stay in ABQ and have a daddy/son weekend, which I think will be good for them.

Also, Ryan's PFT is this week so the stress should be over soon! YAY!

And... I've gotten some work done for my soon-to-be etsy business! Oh, so much I want to share, but that will come later!


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