Sunday, March 6, 2011

Will's 3rd Birthday

Even though Will's birthday is actually on Monday, we celebrated on Saturday with a party. Some of our invited friends couldn't make it so we had 5 kids aged 3 and under. Fun!

The nicely made table with party favors.
We had a "jungle" theme.

The living room

We ate toquitos, chips w/ 6 layer dip and chocolate covered strawberries. Since it was late morning we all had breakfast already.

So here's Lily, Alanna, Leslie (due in a few weeks), Mike, Ryan & Tegan (due in August). Will, Edward and Sophie were busy running around.

Happy Birthday William! He even blew out the candles!

And of course, Alanna ate everything she could.

Will gave me his cheesy smile with his cupcake.

Proof he actually ate some of the frosting. With his eating issues I was just happy he tried it.

Kids playing during present opening time. Will was so wound up and excited with all the friends and a new toy that I ended up opening everything (even though I wrapped them all!)

After all the fun at the house the plan was to go to the aquarium. Tegan's kids had to go home for naps so it was just Lily, Will and Lana.

The rule was that Lily & Will had to hold hands to stay together. She likes to wander and he likes to stay close so it was a happy medium... and they were so cute together.

Lana woke up half way through the small aquarium and demanded she walk around too. She really liked everything and kept trying to run off on her own.

We all had a good time and the kids came home and SLEPT. Overall, a successful party.

And then in the evening I tied 3 balloons to Alanna and watched her run around the house laughing. It was fun.
Now I have just over a month to plan her 1st Birthday!


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  1. We had a really good time! Everything was great. :) Thank you for inviting us!

    Edward actually crashed before we got home I think (and we live all of 3 minutes away! Lol . . ).