Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Virus Vanquished & Etsy Talk

Remember how I said I got a Trojan Horse virus on our computer?

Well, Ryan was able to fix it! He had to revert back to an older "safe" version of our windows... updated, like, in December. So.... we lost a good portion of our current suff. My detailed 101 in 1001 List was one of them. Maybe in a few days I'll try to amend that but not sure I can remember it all. Bummer.

Also, because of the virus we've had to go through and change passwords and other such items for our important personal information and banks, just to be safe.

Most importantly: we now have new and updated anti-virus on our computer.

In other news I'm working on my etsy shop. It finally has a name (I'll let ya'll in on that later) and I'm working on a graphic for it. I'm also pricing personalized labels to put onto my products.

Originally I was hoping to open my shop in late February with inventory to sell but unfortunately the pipes burst causing plenty of damage and moving us out of our house for awhile. Since then it's taken some time to get myself in order. Next paycheck I'm hoping to finally buy some of the supplies and materials I need to get working on my crafts!

Oh, and maybe I'll finally get some practice in on the serger Ryan got me for Christmas that I have yet to use!

BTW: I had a great weekend with my brother visiting. He's been super busy with the Army so he enjoyed getting away from all that and getting some home cooked meals and specially made no-bake cookies (of which he ate 2 dozen on his own). I even got to go to a movie with him and eat out some. The kids enjoyed playing with him as well.

He's "going away for a year" in several months time, so prayers for him would be appreciated!

One more thing before I go! I think I will start a weekly link-up for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. How 'bout Thursdays?? Now if I could just figure out how to get a Mr. Linky or something similar!


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  1. Thursdays are the song link up with Goodnight moon...

    YAY for a working computer:)