Sunday, March 20, 2011

Plants, St. Paddy's & Anniversary #6

Oh my, another blog full of photos!

So... where to start?

Well, I will say that I have been doing pretty well on my 101 in 1001 List lately.

Because it was getting close to Spring and the kids and I were wandering around WalMart trying to find something we'd been looking at tons of stores for (which we never did find) we came across the flowers and seeds. Well, number 48 on my list is to grow something from a seed. I decided we'd give it a try.

Will and I got all the little seeds planted in the cute little "green house" which Will enjoyed decorating with the included stickers.
Within a few days something poked through! I was so excited. I think this is one of the Zinnias.
Then another one sprouted. I think this one is a tomato.

Here is the Zinnia after a few more days. No other ones have sprouted of the flowers but more of the tomato ones have. Will likes to check on them every morning after breakfast. It's our "new thing".


Now for St. Patrick's Day!

Each of the kids had their own special shirt from Old Navy. Will's shirt says "Good Luck Charmer".
Alanna's shirt says "I Love St. Paddy's Day".
We didn't really do much, mostly just hung out at the house. Later that evening we all went to a Tops in Blue performance. Amazingly the kids did great!
Video of kids playing together.
Saturday marked Ryan and I's 6 year wedding anniversary. Beforehand I told Ryan a number of different ideas on what we could do. He decided to make it a surprise and planned the whole thing as well as arrange child care.

As we were driving I guessed where we were going:
The Sandia Peak Tramway is the 2nd Longest Tramway in the world. Until October of last year it was the longest in the world. This now accomplished number 70 on my 101 in 1001 List.

We got there just before sunset.
This is the Tram we rode.
View of the city of Albuquerque from inside the tram.
Wall of rocks and that thing that looks like a electrical tower is actually one of the towers the tram passes through.
More of the view

and more of the view

The top of the tram where we dock.

Whew! We made it. And since Ryan didn't tell me where we were going I didn't bring a coat and it was COLD! This is where the top of the ski lift down the other side of the mountain is. It just closed the previous weekend and there was still snow on the ground. People bring their ski/snowboard gear on the tram and then ski down the other side during the season.
View from the top!

We ate at High Finance Restaurant and watched the sunset from inside.

The food was super yummy!

I had to get a sweatshirt before we left because I was freezing. Then we were able to go down the tramway to the city lights of Albuquerque.
Video Ryan took of the city lights from the top of the Sandia Tramway.

In other news we moved Will into the 3 year olds class at church. He LOVES it. His friend Lily is in the class and from what we've heard she is a little protector over him. They go around and she chats his ear off while he goes along and is happy about it. They play at the playground and we were told he is a wildman there. Not sure what that means, but I guess he's having a blast. Will participates in the coloring and snack time. And the best indicator he enjoys himself there: when I got him to his class he immediatly took to playing and could care less that I was leaving.

I can't tell you how happy this makes me. Him being around 3 and 4 year olds, I think, is really good for him.

Oh, and Alanna is really trying to say words now. She says "mama" "dada" "dog" "duck" "go" and we're working on "up". They aren't always used in context, but she's doing really good. And of course I should share that these words aren't always totally clear, but she's trying. Since Lana is trying to say these words, Will tries them as well. He is now getting the "d" sound more consistently. All good news.

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