Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh... Buddy Barrels

Sometimes I get upset about something and just want to vent here on my blog. But I don't, because I feel this is not the place for it.

So... I'm going to put that aside and write about something else.

Buddy Barrels.
What's a Buddy Barrel?

These are Buddy Barrels!

Growing up in church we particpated in BGMC which stands for Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (I've also heard the "C" stands for Crusade... doesn't matter). All the kids would have "buddy barrels" which we would put our money in and on a designated day donate that money to missions. The money would go to purchase supplies like Bibles, tracts, study books, computers, videos, puppets, costumes, sound systems, translating literature, etc., for missionariess who go all over the world spreading the good news to children (and adults).

Today was BGMC Sunday at church. It wasn't the biggest BGMC Sunday I've had... but it was acknowledged. My Great-Aunt Norma used to be the BGMC Coordinator at our family church long ago. I loved her showing the maps and pictures of little kids around the world and giving her little talk about it. It was special.

I also loved the "coin runs" where the kids would be in the sanctuary and race through the pews to gather as much change from the adults as possible to put in their buddy barrels. Oh... and we also had competitions of boys vs. girls on who could get the most money. Usually a sinking of toy boats in a fish tank was involved (ask me later).

I asked the question: what happened to our wooden barrels? I had one when I was little but have since learned that I was a bit young to have a wooden one since they had already switched over the the plastic ones years before I was born. I checked ebay and nobody is selling the old wooden ones. Oh well. My mom mentioned she might still have one upstairs in the storage area. I'm sure my kids will have the regular yellow plastic ones when they get into children's church though.

Anyway, just felt like sharing.

Did any of you ever do this kind of thing growing up (in church or not)???


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