Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Missing Pieces

I have an issue with missing toys.

I really don't like it. I mean, REALLY don't like it. Believe it or not, I lose sleep over lost toys - tonight for example.

I can't stand when a puzzle piece or certain ball or whatever is missing from a set of toys. I will tear the house apart looking for it. And I do not consider myself OCD.

Please don't say I'm alone in this.

Seriously, I'd rather throw out the entire toy missing 1 piece than keep the whole thing.

So imagine my incredible frustration when I have at least 3 toys in the living room missing pieces.

1.) The magnet alphabet is missing the letter "T"
2.) The Melissa & Doug Clock is missing the number 6.
3.) And the little magnet writing thingy is missing the kitty piece.

I have been looking for days and weeks! Even Ryan joined in today. There are a few places left I can look, but I'm kinda at a loss.

The "T" went missing around the time we moved out because of the broken pipes. I have a feeling I'll find it in the garage when I finish going through all the boxes and stuff.

The number 6 went missing around Will's birthday. No idea where it went.

And the little kitty piece went missing shortly after Will's birthday. I think Alanna put it somewhere and have yet to come across it yet.

Ryan thinks that Will probably took them outside and they're somewhere over the fence. Guess I'll check that out tomorrow. Though I seriously debated going out there tonight (now after midnight) with a flash light just to satisfy my frustration (or push it further).

Anybody wanna help find the missing pieces?? Any ideas where they could be??



  1. *raises hand* Right here. Me. I want all the puzzle pieces to be put away, I want to know where they are. There's a little kid that is part of a playgroup we are a part of that I don't like having over because he throws the little pieces everywhere and-I-can't-find-them-for-days-and-it-BUGS-me!! Phew, so glad that someone else shares this problem :)

  2. You're not alone in that - but I thought I was! I really hate it when sets have missing pieces or when they aren't put away with all their "family members". I try to teach the kids that certain things go together with other things . . . it's sort of working right now . . . sort of. . . . Ok, it works when I clean. :)