Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Little Ones on Camera

In a conversation with my sister she mentions that she wants to see some videos of the kids. I talk about what Will has been up to and and how Lana is developing quite the personality. Having two kids is entertaining and their interactions are better than tv sometimes so I've decided to share some of what I've captured about them.

Will has been making progress with his speech that I think should be shared. As of July last year (8 months ago) he could say nothing. At least now we have words. Yes, they're prompted and often just approximations... but it's something. Reminder: Will just turned 3 on Monday. This is an example of Apraxia, people.

Now I have some videos of Alanna I want to share.

In this one we are in TLF... notice that carpet and furniture?? Ummm... yeah. She was being very vocal and I tried to get it on camera. At one point she makes an odd sound that we refer to as her dinosaur voice.

Next up I have Alanna and the dancing/singing dog. My parents got it for Will at Christmas but she has since claimed it as her own. Usually she sort of dances with it but I can't ever capture it. This was the best I could do.

This is just Alanna running around. She is funny and was doing some weird squat thing. It made me laugh. Disregard the mess. We are still moving in from being dislocated and the shelf that contained many of the toys was damaged and is still in the garage.

Now for some sibling interaction.

This is an older video from January when Alanna is still 8 months old. I think there is something ingrained in kids that they must pick on their siblings.

I have another video that I just took of the kids interacting/fighting... but I'm having issues loading so I'll post that at another time.

Hope you liked the glimpse into our home life.


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