Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Less Haired Babies (cause she's not bald)

My little girl has very little hair.

I guess it must be genetic because my mom says that as a baby I had hardly any hair. To this day it is still thin and fine. Compared to my one sister who seemed to be born with long, think hair flowing down her back.

To add to that, Alanna is a busy little girl and can't be bothered by frills. Yes, I dress her in pink and purple since I don't want people to think she's a boy, though I've been told she has feminie features (can babies have that??) and I don't really approve of getting infants' ears pierced (that's a personal opinion and don't care if other parents do it).

Tomorrow the kids are having their Easter pictures taken. Lana has a cute little white and purple dress to wear (strangely similar to her winter pic dress)... but nothing for her hair! I'm thinking of going to Hobby Lobby to find one of the little baby headbands and a flower or bow to go in it. Alanna hates those things, but maybe she can tolerate it for pictures.

I'd love to put her hair in a little Dr. Suess ponytail, but it's not quite long enough yet. And with her cowlick right in the front sometimes just brushing her hair is unsuccessful. We got some little velcro bows at Christmas, but they still don't stay in her hair. I'm thinking about getting those mini barrettes but I'm afraid she'll accidently put them in her mouth if she pulls them out since right now she is still very oral.

We'll see what I find by picture time tomorrow...


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