Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A-hunting we will go

Have any of you ever gone hunting?

I have a few times. In fact, the very first time I went hunting we came across a buck with his girlfriends in the bushes and he became dinner.

For future hunts I was not so successful.

I'm not telling this to make you think I'm some crazy, psycho, camo wearing, gun wielding, winderness trekking lady. I'm really not. (and I don't think people who do hunt and wear camo and go through the woods are crazy & psycho).

But... let me step back and tell you a little about my extended family in Northern Oregon & Alaska.

If you go into any of their homes you are likely to find multiple animal heads on the walls. They are mostly deer or elk. My uncle in Alaska had a large bear in his living room. And you know what??? I have no problem with it.

Why? First off, yes many family members do attempt to find good trophy's from their hunt... but the meat is also used. Yup... I grew up eating vinison and still think it is yummy! Even the pepperoni sticks (if ordered) would not last long. A few family members also had the hides tanned for whatever reason.

And FYI: depending on the season family members will bow hunt or go out with guns.

I'm not gonna get in the gun debate with anybody. I think people who have them or want them should be educated on the proper way to use them and be smart about how they are stored. And I do think there are some people who should not have them at all.

But, anyway, back to my first topic, by hunting the family would actually save a LOT of money on meat every year. And I've also heard that vinison is extremely healthy for people too. Hmm... maybe I should convince some of my uncles to send some steaks this way!


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  1. I've always wanted to go hunting. Just once. I'm not sure I'd be any good at it or that I'm patient enough! I tried venison as a kid and didn't like it. I've been wanting to try it again...maybe someday!