Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Remember THIS post? Here is that last video that I couldn't get to load.

They crack me up.

This week, for Will's Occupational Therapy we went to Hoots. It is a place with bouncy toys and it also has this fun net/climbing maze thing. Waaaay fun for young kids. Exhausting for adults. No need to work out after clamoring through these things with the kids.

Alanna really has no fear. She goes full speed to head onto the toys (full of older kids since it's Spring Break). She loved it! She enjoyed the bouncing, tried walking, and wanted to follow will up the ladders... with mom's or Chelle's help. Lana was so funny and she was yelling and making all sorts of noises.

Will was more reserved, like usual. After awhile he got comfortable and was willing to go up the ladders and down the slides without complaining. He is making some great strides in his strength and coordination. When he went through the net maze he did awesome!

Will with O.T. Chelle ready to go down the big slide.

Alanna trying to conquer everything.
William climbing. He is making some great improvements!

Alanna checking out the balance ropes


You will notice this video is quite short. There was a boy about 6, maybe 7, who would not listen to anybody and while Alanna was at the bottom of the slide he got up and was about to go down. We told him to wait while I hurried to get her off the toy. He didn't. I got up there real fast and just as I grabbed and lifted Alanna that boy slid right under her. Another parent saw and told us that same boy was causing problems with her sons as well.

And now just some other photos:
Alanna playing in the backyard.
Will trying to get Alanna out after her nap.

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