Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good:

Will has on several occassions now said "hi" on the phone to who ever I was talking to. Today I even got him to attempt to say "Lissa". He's approximating more and is more clearly saying "please" and "thank you". There's much progress going on and I'm hoping he keeps it up because it's awesome. His feeding is going better though he's still incredibly picky. Potty Training is doing better and if commanded he will go to the bathroom, pull down his pants, climb on the toilet and go potty, get off and sometimes pull his underwear back up --- all on his own! A step in the right direction.

I think Alanna's other top front tooth is trying to cut through and she's been super cranky. Today she even took two 2-hour naps. She usually only takes one. She's growing like a weed too and eats a LOT. I think she's been more combative as well when it comes to Will. She really has no fear of fighting. She even starts them. (Not sure this should really be in the "Good" category, but I will call it that anyway.)

Started a new Bible Study at PWOC:
I think it will be very fascinating. Just with the first session everything was new information. I love that. What I didn't love was that Alanna was being fussy and wanted to run around or cry and was being a distraction. I was going to just leave early so I went to get Will from the nursery. While there I told them what was going on, and even though Alanna doesn't turn 1 for a few more weeks, they took her anyway so I could finish my class. Very cool. They even said that I could bring her in there as long as they had enough people even though she was "underage"... but they said she holds her own very well so it is not a problem.
And my final "GOOD" is the my brother is driving down from Colorado this weekend for a visit. Should be fun!
The Bad:
It looks like one of the plants I was so thrilled with growig from a seed is dying. Kinda bummed. But the others seem to still be doing okay.
We got a super expensive electric/gas bill for the month of February -- the month we weren't even living in the house. We figured it would happen since the workers had the thermostat set at 80, every fan in the house on, numerous lights on, and every window open. Yeah... waste much?? Hopefully we can talk with housing and get it all straightened out.
The Ugly:
I somehow got a Trojan Horse virus on our desktop parallels on the Mac Book. Ryan is not very happy about it but he hasn't had the chance to look things over and see what he needs to do. Hopefully the anti virus can take care of it... but I won't hold my breath. So for now I will just use the desktop.
What is your good, bad, and ugly news for the week?? Haha, maybe I should make this a weekly thing and do link ups!


  1. Love the link up idea:) You should do it!!! I'll post my good, bad & ugly for the week tomorrow.

  2. So happy to hear about Will's progress! :) So cool!

  3. I like the link up idea! Sounds like fun and a great way to recap. I keep reading about Beth Moore, I'd love to hear more about what you think of the book as you read. I hope you all are able to get the virus figured out, that sucks!