Thursday, March 17, 2011

Calbee Cravings

While living in Japan I fell in love with these yummy treats from Calbee!


I have no idea what they're actually called. They're like chips, but also fries. They are super crunchy, great salty taste and have different flavors. I liked the original flavor (blue): potatoe, butter & salt and I liked the potatoe, cheddar & sour cream (?) flavor (red). I wasn't much of a fan for the vegetable flavor (green).

During my pregnancy and after Will was born I just couldn't get enough. Hmmm... that might explain why I gained the baby weight back.

Anyway, I've been CRAVING them! Not sure why.

But I can't find them in the States!

So... I'm kinda wondering if my friends in Japan feel like being super nice (besides the horrible things going on over there) would they send me a few (or a lot)?? Or, if you decide to take the voluntary evacuation, grab some on your way out and I'll get them from you somehow -- mailing may be involved.

Or if anybody knows where I can purchase them I'd love to know so I can get 'em!



P.S. Did anybody else notice how much I was using parenthesis in this post? I swear, an English major is probably cringing.

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