Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Settling In TLF

I think I'm holding things together pretty well. Amazingly I'm not stressed out. There really isn't anything I can do to make the repairs on our home go any faster. This whole thing sucks, to be frank... but we're getting settled into our temporary lodging with the knowledge that we could be here for a few weeks. Housing and Maintenance really have no idea when they'll actually get around to our repairs and are not moving us to different unit either.

We photographed more detail of our furniture and personal property that was damaged. Other than that and getting that info to our insurance there isn't much left to do at this point. I reguarly make trips to bring things from one place to the other, but I'm trying not to do that too much because everything has to return once we move back.

In other news I'm beginning the process of planning Will's 3rd Birthday (1 month away) and Alanna's 1st Birthday (2 months away). Not sure what I'm going to do yet so I'm searching my options and trying to weigh in the budget. Nothing big for either, I'm sure... but still something fun.


Lately I've been thinking of getting back into a regular excercise routine. My jeans are getting a bit tighter and that dreded muffin top is really starting to show. Grrr! Not sure what I want to do. I'm debating on going back to the P90X, but not sure I can stick with it just yet. I've also thought about trying the Couch to 5K but not sure I'll have the dedication 'cause I absolutly HATE running. My most recent idea is to take our new double sit & stand stroller and take the kids on a walk to our house to get the mail every day while in TLF. It's like a mile or so. Not bad and not too difficult. Maybe taking this small step (and avoiding snack foods during this frustrating time) could help me lose a bit of flub, make me feel better, and motivate me to do more intense workouts in the near future.

We'll see...


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  1. Chickie, your husband needs to go Navy and move you guys back here. I'd totally do the couch to 5k with you. I need a partner to do it with for the motivation:)