Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pics of the Damage

Alright, I'm going to share some of the pictures of the damages to our house from the broken pipes so you can see some of what we're dealing with. From what we have heard from the maintenance people and others who have seen multiple water damage from other broken pipes, we have some of the worst.

soo... this is from the entry way looking into the living room. The water spread more since this picture -- seeping further in. And that entry way has standing water on the linolium. Down the entire hallway the carpet basically looks the same, soaked.

This is where Alanna was sleeping. The carpet is completely saturated, damaging everything on the floor as well.
William's room.

Walking on the floor through the entire house this is what you saw.

Sagging dry wall in the bathroom.

Bubbles in the ceiling of the bathroom.

Lightswitch in Will's room... water was running out of it that's why the wall is saggy there too.

This was the "bubble" above Will's bed.
Then that bubble broke the ceiling having the insulation fall through.

Let me point out: This is where my kids beds are!
This is what the ceiling looks like now.
And here is the ceiling in the bathroom over the shower.

This is just a glimpse of the damage we're dealing with. I didn't show our bedroom, details of the bathrooms, closets, storage room and laundry room.

The carpet cleaners did show up and suction up most of the water, but since we hadn't moved all the furniture out yet we asked that they come back the next day to pull out all the padding and do the fan thing to dry everything out. Well, they said they would return but never did. I'm now thinking they won't return until Monday and the liklihood of mold growing increases with every passing day.

About half of our Pastoral Staff from our church came over and helped move out all our funiture into the garage. Those guys are awesome... I owe them all dinner.

Every day since the pipes burst we've had a different friend watching our kids. Today Alanna woke with a fever, but after sleeping more she seemed better so I took her to a sitter. I got a call a few hours later that her fever was getting worse so we took her to Urgent Care. After 2 1/2 hours we leave knowing that she has a bad cold, needs more Tylenol and saline & suction to keep her nose passages clear.

In terms of great news, we've gotten more help from our insurance! They sent over a company to pick up all the laundry, bedding, shoes, area rugs and other such items that were damaged/wet from the water. They bagged them all up, going to clean and dry them and then bring them back. How awesome is that?! So great!

There is still a lot to do to fix this. We have no timeline from housing. For now we're settling in okay to our temporary lodging and do what we can at the house while the kids are with friends. Today, for example, I was able to clean up the laundry room and entry way. I'm so thankful to so many people and for so many things. It's when bad things happen you get to see some of the best in people... and we know some great people.



  1. Wow . . . I had no idea it was so bad. Do you think they'll just give you guys a new house? I don't see that being inhabitable for a while . .. Definitely will keep praying for you guys . . . You have a great attitude about the whole thing.

  2. Wow. It's good you have so many great people helping you out. I hope your housing situation improves quickly.

  3. "Our son does know some signs and it has been a tremendous help. At very young ages it is nice being able to understand what they want without a huge meltdown. In our case it has also been helpful since our son has apraxia and needs different forms of communication besides speaking.

    My sister is a deaf educator and has explained that signing does not prevent your child from speaking. Statistics have even shown that babies that sign have a larger vocabulary at younger ages than those children who did not sign.

    Just food for thought."

    Thank you so much for your comment! We are currently teaching my son a few signs here and there. :)