Friday, February 11, 2011

A Passion

Know what I got to see a few nights ago??!!

Give you a hint:


Of all the different shows I've seen, this is hands down my favorite. Ah-maz-ing!

Yeah, the whole thing is 3 hours long with intermission, but you don't realize it. I was glued to the production the whole time. My favorite song was "Defying Gravity" and the staging and set were so well done that I just had to sit and enjoy it all. Even Ryan really liked it.

We spent the money for good seats, and it was worth it. We were 10 rows from the stage in the center. I don't like to be RIGHT up front because then you can miss some of the staging and I don't like to be on the sides because you can't get the full effect. They were perfect seats! And they were my birthday present from last July.

When it was all over I felt bittersweet. The show was great, but it made me miss my 'what-could-have-been' life.

Time for some reminiscing and 'what-ifs' but realize that I do appreciate my life and know that if I had taken another path I would not have had some wonderful experiences nor would I have my children.

So... I was a theatre major. Loved it! And I really miss it. Theatre life is invigorating to me. I live to make costumes, do fun makeup, build sets, even being a stage hand... but I really love running shows. Stage managing and directing. I'm not the actress, though if necessary I can be on stage comfortably... and I never really learned lighting and sound.

It was always my dream to join a touring company and put on productions all over the states or even the world. My other dream was to own my own theatre.

I miss it. I really do.

While in college I told my professor that I was getting married. His response: marriage is the worst thing for a theatre career. I didn't like him from then on. I knew that marrying a military man would immensly cut short my life in the theatre... but only recently have I realized how much I miss it.

Yes, there are the church Christmas & Easter things and I can try to do community theatre (if somebody will watch the kids for HOURS and HOURS) but it isn't the same as working with people who LIVE to do theatre and know what they're doing.

By the way... I was really good at what I did.

Now you know one of my biggest passions in life... and I'll say it again:

I really miss it.



  1. My hubby misses it to. He's part of the choir for one of the local community theatres. It's kinda crazy with his work schedule but it's good for him!

  2. I'm so glad you had a good time at the show! :) I've been wanting to see that too.

    Have you ever thought about being a theatre teacher for a school?