Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For Friends

So I have to admit that overall things have been pretty crappy around here... if you haven't kept up with this blog just got back a few days and you'll see what I mean.

It doesn't help that Ryan and I have been fighting.

C'mon... we're in a stressful situation and it happens.

And I feel TERRIBLE for having to rely so heavily on friends recently. Like, I seriously feel like that whiney spouse who has to have everybody help her 'cause she's just too dense to help herself. In reality I try NOT to have other people involved in our problems... but I'm learning it is necessary in some cases.

If it weren't for some friends, our kids would have had a very difficult time while mommy & daddy were super sick over the weeked.

If it weren't for a friend, we'd be stressing with our dog in TLF hoping and praying that she didn't get destructive in her time left all alone.

If it weren't for some lovely ladies at PWOC, we would still be struggling to make dinners nearly every night with thrown together ingredients and cooking ware that is less than desireable.

If it weren't for some friends we'd have had a very difficult time moving our furniture out and then back into our house during this crazy period as well as others who watched our kids during that crazy period.

There's more, but I think you get the point.

I really do hope I can repay everybody that has helped us out so much during this time. I'd love to return the favor to them in some way to let them know how much it was appreciated.


In housing news: we're STILL out of our house. We are 1 of 5 families on the base not back in their homes. Housing is trying to say that once carpet is back in the houses people need to move back in.

I'm sorry, but when half of my son's ceiling is still missing (not even plastic covering the hole) and there's literally drywall cracking and flaking onto the floor in several places in a few rooms... I don't feel it is very safe to be in with 2 small kids.

Can somebody else please explain to housing why this is a good reason??

Oh, and not make us pay to live in TLF while we also have to pay rent on that place that we cannot live in that was their fault for getting messed up in the first place?? Not to mention the heat bill that's coming our way in a house we haven't lived in for 2 weeks!

*sigh* There's just so much I want to vent about, but don't need to bore my readers (even though I'm sure I already do that).

Just pray for us during this hard time. And pray for Will... his MRI is early in the morning and I'm not sure how much more bad stuff I can handle at this point... so let's have faith that everything will turn out fine.



  1. I'm so glad that you've been able to rely on friends to help you out - it does make all the difference.