Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February's Welcome

Blizzard weather! I can't believe February is welcoming us with a major snowstorm. I've never seen it like this here in Albuquerque. The wind is fierce. It is literally HOWLING outside.

The poor FedEx guy dropped off a package and I had to put on a coat and slippers just to open the door since the snow was coming in! It is piling up outside our doors.

Schools are cancelled, many businesses on base are closed down, and Will's speech therapist had to reschedule.

And now for other news BESIDES the weather:

With everything going on with Will, Ryan has been communicating with a homeopathic place for additional information and care. I'm not totally on board with everything because I personally think they are a money hungry company preying on families seeking any source of hope, help or cure for their kids. It may work for some people... but I'm VERY skeptical.

Anyway, because of what they had to say we have changed Will's diet. He is now dairy-free and gluten-free with additional nutrition and these special additive and digestive enzyme things.

Eventually we'll be able to add back in those items if he can tolerate them. This is just to take out anything that could possibly be aggrivating his little body that is preventing him from absorbing the proper calories and what not. He may not be "allergic" to those foods, but they could possibly still be interfering with his digestion.

We'll try this for a few months and if there's no change or improvement we'll just have wasted, oh... about $1000. Yeah, I'm not thrilled.

Will is making improvements in other areas. He did AWESOME in his Occupational Therapy the other day... before his meltdown because he wanted a snack and we (at the time) didn't have "safe" snacks for him. Later Ryan came home with a bunch of stuff that he seems to be liking okay.

He also had his horse therapy last week and really enjoyed it. The boy loves to be on that horse and refuses to do the initial "play" once the horses enter the arena. And then he also has a hard time leaving so we have to make a big deal out of saying "bye-bye" to the horse.

Here's a quick video of part of Will's session. He's riding LP.

In other news, Alanna is doing great. She's growing like a weed. Her first tooth is coming in nicely and can be seen more easily and definitely felt if you stick your finger in her mouth. She is trying to copy and repeat sounds we make to her which I just adore! I didn't have this stage of development with William so it is very fun to experience for the first time. She can say "mama" and "dada" and is trying to say "dog" and "duck" though they aren't really clear.

I love watching her and Will play with each other... when they aren't fighting. The other wonderful part of them together is when one of them makes a sound the other tries to copy it. So fun! And it is good for Will.

I'm still planning on opening an etsy shop in the near future. Once this weather clears up a bit I'm hoping to get some fabric shopping done. I'll keep you posted.


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  1. It was sunny today in WA....gorgeous for February! A little chilly but I'll take it over snow any day:)