Saturday, February 26, 2011

Eating Issues

I am at a loss.

This boy will hardly eat ANYTHING!

For nearly a week he has not felt well but is now doing great. Totally back to normal. The problem is that I can't get him to eat.

This makes things worse because I need to keep a calorie count list for 72 hours for the G.I. specialist we are seeing.

I look at how little Will eats... and I feel like a bad mom. I swear to you I am NOT starving or withholding food. We even had to take him off his special diet so that the few foods he would eat were not being restricted. This was my argument for why not to do the diet at this time anyway... but whatever.

He won't even drink PediaSure now.

He's not even taking in 900 calories!

The diarrea isn't helping either.

Maybe tomorrow I will go back to the commissary and load up on the Gerber crunchies and other such items that he can't get enough of to see if that helps him eat more. Lately he will only eat dry Top Ramen.

I really hope we can get to the bottom of this lack of eating problem. I can't have him continue to lose weight. You would think that after not eating he would be starving and want to eat anything, but he's not.

I just don't know what to do.



  1. Hey Sierra, I'm really new around here, just found your blog a couple of days ago through one of the blog hops.
    We deal with the not eating thing in our home with our four year old son who deals with severe food allergies.
    I've taken a quick look around your blog and I can't find out exactly what Will suffers from, but at least in food allergy circles, it's very common for a child to severely limit their intact of food because they are scared that the food will make them feel sick. (They've learned from experience that they eat food and it makes them feel sick afterward, so no matter how hungry they are they will avoid food rather than feel sick.) They find a few safe foods and that's all they feel comfortable eating.
    Sorry if this is something you already know. ... Please know that you aren't struggling alone.
    - Rose

  2. I wish there was something I could say that would be helpful .. .

    Edward's transition to solids has been interesting, and he eats a lot of crackers because that's all he'll eat. So I give him all the crackers he wants. That's probably not the best thing, but you have to do what you have to do, right?

    I hope the docs are able to figure out what's going on soon with Will.