Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Taking it In

Alanna sleeping during Christmas while being held by Big Uncle Kevin.

With 2 small kids it can be a challenge to get stuff done. That is why when Alanna falls asleep I quickly put her in her bed where she'll usually be out for hours. Once she's down I'm cleaning something, getting Will to go to bed (or entertaining him) or spending time with the husband. Oh, and of course there are times when I just sit around and veg (a woman needs to keep her sanity).

Yesterday was a vegging day... Will was already napping and Alanna was quite content being held and having a bottle. As usual, she fell asleep and just as I was about to get up and put her in her bed... I stopped.

How often do I just sit there and hold her?

When Will was a baby, we'd spend so much time napping together or I'd just hold him, stare at his face and enjoy feeling him move and breathe -- happy in my arms.

So I just stayed where I was, holding her with Netflix streaming for additional entertainment.

That girl is so precious and she's getting big and growing up so fast! I should really slow down and take it in.


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