Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pity Parties

I have to keep reminding myself of where William was just 6 months ago.

He really has made a LOT of progress.

But I had another mini melt down when a friend posted a video of her son on Facebook who is a few months younger than William. She asked him a question and he answered her back in a clear and complete sentence.

And I wanted to cry.

My pity parties can't last long because it doesn't really help. We just continue trying to get sounds and approximations from our little guy... while his baby sister babbles nearby (and I think her first word may be "daddy" in the near future 'cause she makes the "d" sound waaaay more often than the "m" sound --- so not fair).

Anyway, Will has speech and occupational therapy tomorrow. I finally got in contact with the Hippotherapy place and it looks like Will should be able to start that in the beginning of February. The only thing is when a time becomes available you take it -- no matter what since it is difficult to get in! The sucky part is that the date/time they said would likely be available is during my PWOC Bible Study.

Let's hope God, who holds all schedules, will be able to provide a better time.

In other news, Alanna is really starting to climb on everything. Soon she'll conquer the couch, I'm sure of it.


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