Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Ghost Story

On my 12th birthday my parents signed the papers and received the keys to our FIRST owned home as a family... before then it was base housing. Dad had retired from the military and since my parents wanted to stay in the area for us kids to finish school (and they also had jobs themselves) they purchased a home nearby.

Here's the thing -- the house they bought happened to be a house that the previous owner died in. Apparently he was an older guy and the neighbor found him dead in his big living room chair.

What I did find creepy was the imprint of that recliner was left in the carpet for a LONG time and I always tried to avoid walking on it. My brother and I used to tease each other if we walked on it saying, "your stepping on the dead guy".

Okay, what am I getting at with this story? Just wait.

By moving into this house (which had multiple add ons over the years and kinda akward layout) this was the first place that I got my OWN room! Before this I either shared with my brother or sister... this was a big thing for a soon-to-be-teenager. And because of this strange home there was only 1 full bathroom with a tub/shower and it happened to be in my room. My mom and dad didn't want us kids wandering in their room at any hour and I was the soundest sleeper and I guess didn't deserve the most privacy...

Now that first night I was to sleep in the room I had a cot. All our furniture had not arrived yet.

Let me set this up: first time with my own room, not in my regular bed, first time in a new house, a dead guy's house, imprint of dead guy's chair maybe 5 feet from my bedroom door, and people walking in my room at any time.

Wanna know what I learned?? It's creepy!

Then my bedroom door, though latched, would suddenly open all on its own at random times.

I really tried to keep my cool. I sang a LOT of "Jesus Loves Me" that first night as well as prayed... and really didn't get much sleep.

What we realized the next morning was that because of the air pressure in the house and the way it was constructed and reconstructed with all the different changes and addons from whenever, when the front door was opened my bedroom door would swing open. It wasn't the dead guy's ghost.

From then on I kept a large rock in my room to keep the door closed when I wanted it to stay closed (like when I was in there) but it could easily be pushed open by a person who needed to come in for the bathroom.

When I think back on that time I still remember how totally freaked out I was, but also like remembering what I turned to for comfort. And you wanna know something else?? I still turn to the same place.


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