Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More tests

More tests today.

Took Will to the lab so he could get the other blood tests done as well as a sweat chloride test and make him pee in a cup again.

The poor guy had about 10 vials to fill... it may have only been 9, but still! I had him sitting on my lap, my legs wrapped around his so he couldn't kick and my one arm wrapped around his chest holding down the arm NOT being stuck with the needle. My other arm/hand was holding down his other arm which was getting pricked. Then there was another lady holding his arm straight and steady for the other lady who was actually holding the needle.

Even with all that he had to get stuck two times. :(

Oh, and he screamed bloody murder the whole time.

I was really happy that my friend offered to watch Alanna that afternoon because I'm not sure how I would have handeled everything if she had come with me.

It's emotionally draining... and my muscles were pretty fatigued by the end too.

Not sure exactly what all they are testing for. I know the sweat chloride test (which takes like 45 minutes!) is for cystic fibrosis, but with everything else I really have no clue.

Kind of hoping we can begin to get some answers.

I put in a prayer request at my Bible Study today about everything. By doing that I was contacted by 2 ladies in the study; 1 is a leader in the Family with Special Needs support group on base and she provided me with some helpful information, and the other girl has been going through something similar over the past few years and has some helpful information and emotional support on what we're going through.

I usually don't broadcast my personal/home issues to people, but I'm not sure how much this qualifies in that area. In any case, I'm glad I shared.


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  1. I remember those days with my daughter (who is 9 now). It is no fun for the little one and scary for mama.

    Praying for both of you.