Monday, January 17, 2011

A Decade in Review

My friend Tegan over at Tegan's Musings did this and I thought it was a fun idea.

Review your life in the last 10 years and then bullet the highlight/main things that happened in that year. I also included how old I was at the end of that year.

  • 2001 - (16) Got my driver's license, busy with choir, yearbook, theatre, colorguard & friends
  • 2002 - (17) hung with friends, senior year, busy with same activities
  • 2003 - (18) Graduated high school, took care of 2 boys over the summer, moved to college, joined AFROTC, met Ryan
  • 2004 - (19) started dating Ryan, worked at McDonald's over the summer, dropped ROTC, switched major to Theatre, lots of theatre work
  • 2005 - (20) Got engaged, worked Frakenstien play, theatre competition, got married, moved to Japan, transferred schools & switched majors to Paralegal Studies
  • 2006 - (21) travelled in Japan, continued school, worked at Pet Boarding, had personal trainer, hiked Mt. Fuji, changed jobs to Theater Supervisor
  • 2007 - (22) Visited home, continued school, traveled to Hokkaido & Nagano, quit working, found out we were pregnant, moved offbase, parents visited, saw Kyoto & Hiroshima
  • 2008 - (23) studied hard, had a baby, finished my bachelor's, travelled to the states, graduated!
  • 2009 - (24) Vacationed in Okinawa, last travels in Japan, Kindermusik, brother visited, sister visited, found out we were pregnant again, vacationed in Hawaii with family, moved to New Mexico
  • 2010 - (25) had second baby, visited home, traveled to Roswell, saw Balloon Fiesta, PWOC, made friends
  • 2011 - and here's to the New Year! We'll see what's in store!


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