Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day of Doctors

More testing.

My poor little guy.

Today's doctor appointment showed that he did grow, but LOST weight. ARGH! I don't know what's going on!

Ryan was very frustrated with the military hospital and took it out on our pediatrician. It's not her fault (I even apologized to her). She's only seen Will 1 time before this appointment. We had a great pediatrician when we first came to the base, but then he PCS'ed and then we had to see this nurse lady for an appointment and then the other doctor a few times before we got our new Primary Care Provider for the kids. She is really good and is trying to find out what, if anything, is going on with Will. But the fact is that Ryan does not feel Will is getting the proper testing necessary up to this point.

More blood work ordered, pee in a cup, need to schedule an MRI, possible in-patient eating clinic if things don't improve...

Ryan took Will to another appointment with a civillian hospital to get a second opinion. I was going to go, but it was scheduled the same time Maya had her vet appointment --- and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get appointments there so I wasn't cancelling.

The civillian docs were shocked at the lack of labs done on Will as well as how long ago they were done. They ordered a bunch more and are re-testing some of the military labs' tests.

I'm conflicted on what I want. In some ways I want there to be nothing wrong so that there's nothing wrong with him, but at the same time I'd like them to find something so it can be addressed and hopefully help him. It's a horrible feeling when you're not sure what is going on with you child.

On a happier note: we have news on the hippo therapy! Will should be starting this week and the even better part is that it doesn't interfere with my Bible Study!
And Alanna is still babbling away. Will tries to copy her, which is encouraging. She walks everywhere and eats everything. Today she got a few more shots... still have 1 more before she gets her next one at a year. We're doing the alternative vaccination schedule from Dr. Sears' parenting library. We fell a bit behind right before the holidays, but it's all okay.
So that's what's going on in my life right now -- what's up with yours? Oh, and how do you feel about getting second opinions from doctors?



  1. I think second opinions are good. And YAY for the therapy not being during bible study:)

  2. Second and third opinions are really good to get if you feel they are necessary or even have the slightest question in your mind as to what the first doc is saying.

    On that note though, if a doc ever says you shouldn't get a second opinion, RUN, really really fast away from that doc and get that second opinion.

    I hope that everything is ok with Will. Poor little guy. I'm so glad that he's starting hippo therapy soon - that's so exciting! Horses are so awesome and are really great (I think everyone should be around horses for at least a short amount of time in their life). Anyway, it'll be so great for Will. :)