Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Vacation 2010 Photos

Here are more pics from our trip home for Christmas. As I mentioned, there was a lack of picture taking on my part so many of these are from my Mother-in-Law. But I just love seeing how cute my babies are! BTW: I nearly always post SOOC, who has time to edit??? At least they're all the right direction!

Lana sleeping in her super PINK carseat!
Playing together
Checking out Will's new sleeping bag

I'm trying to express the attitude of this girl....
I think this sums it up pretty well.

Will's still eating breakfast while Lana's ready to go, so common.


Me and my baby!
such a character sometimes!
Lana with Nana

We had the opportunity to visit Ryan's dad. His health is rapidly declining, so whenever we go home we try to see him. I tried out the new bows for Alanna, but they don't stay in very well.

there's not much to say when the conversation is mostly one-sided.
And then Alanna gets mad because I took the tin foil wrapped candy away from her.

our family with Grandpa

I only realize now I never got any pics of my dad with my kids. But there are a few with my family... sort of.
Mom with some of her "babies": Madera (dog by her shoulder), Alanna, Partly Cloudy (the Grey kitty on her lap), and William.
My brother Mike with Madera

I was even home to celebrate my mom's birthday! It was my responsibility to get the cake. We all like Coldstone ice cream cakes... SCORE!
The four of us kids with mom (dad had already left for work)

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