Monday, January 3, 2011

Blogging Buddies

Alright, I've been wanting to make this post but was having issues with the photo 'cause I took it on my phone but don't have a data plan so I tried messaging it to Ryan's iPhone (which was being stupid) so I e-mailed it to me and finally got it loaded on a computer! Yay me! That also explains why the quality is so bad... my simple 3.0 megapixels.

So here's the story!

While I was home for Christmas I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a blogging friend, Poe from Many Waters. We met for coffee (well, tea and hot chocolate) and chatted, and it was so weird yet cool to realize that although you're meeting for the first time in person it felt like we really did already know one another. So fun! Anyway, I now owe her a drink because she purchased mine since I hadn't arrived yet and the line was super long.

Anyway, we talked about meeting up again and maybe Wifey from WifeOfASailor would come as well. Both of them have hubbies stationed in the Northwest. If you've seen my little MilSpouse Friday Fill-In posts, she's the one that heads that up.

Just a few days before heading back I did meet up with them at the local Olive Garden. I do have to admit that I was a little dazed originally meeting Wifey (she's sorta celebrity for some blogging military spouses) but soon recognized that she's a normal person too! Sheesh! Unfortunately Wifey had JUST received some crappy news shortly before our lunch so she was understandably upset, but she was still fun to talk to anyways.

Wifey & Poe
These ladies are wonderful and if you don't follow their blogs, you should. Their posts range from military life, to recipes, random life, pictures and interesting links. And they're fun to be around in person as well.

Oh! Check out the signature on my blog below! I finally learned how to do it... pat on the back for me!


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  1. I had a GREAT time hanging out with you! Wow, what a bad picture:) Oh well! And how did you do the siggy? Next time you're in the area you'll have to show me.