Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving & Tree Lighting

I know... a week late! But I'm finally posting about Thanksgiving and our trip to Santa Fe for the Plaza Tree Lighting.

For starters I have to say that our Thanksgiving was sort of a bummer. Originally we were going to go to our church for the 10 a.m. service with communion and prayer of thanks, but when we awoke to snow and the news saying the highway was closed from several accidents we decided to stay home.

And the sad part is that there wasn't really THAT much snow. It was incredibly icy though.

our backyard with snow
the Sandia Mountains with a light frosting

view of the elementary school

Ryan tried to keep the kids occupied while I made the dinner.

In the end both of the kids fell asleep shortly before the meal was ready. Ryan and I ate our Thanksgiving Dinner alone, just the two of us. It was slightly depressing because I love having a lot of people around and tons of noise and conversation, but it was okay. We both ate our fill and had LOTS of leftovers.

Our Thanksgiving Meal
After the kids got up they ate their own food. Will, as such a picky eater, wouldn't touch the potatoes or turkey... he did eat a biscuit though.

Alanna gumming some celery

Alanna ready to eat some baby food for her Thanksgiving dinner

The next day we made a trip up to Santa Fe. We've never been there before so thank goodness for our Garmin! We were able to get to Downtown Plaza and find parking. We ate dinner and strolled around a little bit.

St. Francis Cathedral

Alanna, all bundled up. It was actually very cold!

Outside display of the original adobe material on the Palace of the Governors. This is a 400 year old building and the oldest continually occupied public building in the United States.

Will and I in the Plaza waiting for the lighting

Will checking out the little candles in paper bags lining the walkways

Ryan and Alanna

The Christmas Tree lit

All the Plaza Trees lit up

The Family at the Plaza Tree Lighting
It was very cold but we had a wonderful time. We're hoping to go back (at least I am) just to wander around the shops and enjoy the museums and architecture. There really is so much to see and a LOT of history to learn.

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