Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Still Here!

Dropping in to show my readers out there that I'm still around. Been a little busy with stuff.

The production at church is over! So far I have received some lovely compliments about my singing... many people were not aware I could sing. If you are one of those people--- SURPRISE! I sing. And quite well actually, though I'm not trying to brag.

We all know people who claim they can sing and they really can't... I'm not one of those people. There's even a few CDs out there in the world with my voice on them! LOL (they were recordings in high school and I had a few solos)

Still working on Christmas shopping. I hate shopping alone. And with two little ones it sort of makes it harder. Hopefully I'll get it mostly done by Saturday.

Why then??

My little brother is supposed to be stopping by on his drive up to Washington! YAY! I haven't seen him since April, missed his commissioning in the Army in June, he's been at training for awhile but he'll be home for Christmas! He's offered to take home presents so I don't have to mail or carry them in my luggage when we travel home.

In other news, Will is really beginning to make more noise. He's even starting to say "mama" without prompting. My little heart has been swelling with pride over his accomplishments in these few days/weeks. Both of his therapists were here today and were very happy with his progress.

And I'm beginning to think Alanna will be walking at 9 months old. She's not even 8 months yet (not till the 19th) and she's already pulling up on everything, surfing along the furniture and has occassionally let go and stood completely balanced for a little bit before falling. She has even begun to try to control her drop to the ground. She's amazing!

There's more, but that's enough for tonight. Gonna hang out with an old friend tomorrow, get the dog to the groomers, try to get my mailouts finished and who knows what else!

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