Monday, December 6, 2010

Progress Check

Today was another therapy session for William.

It was progress checking for the Occupational Therapy and the supervisor was present as well.

Overall, I am happy to see that Will is doing better. His gross motor skills made a BIG leap and in other areas there was progress, though maybe not as huge.

After his testing there was discussion about transitioning (children in NM leave early intervention and move to APS the August after they turn 3). Thankfully Ryan came home so I was able to tell him our options while the therapists were there so I had my information straight.

Looks like we'll still try to get Will in the preschool of our choice in January and continue with his current therapies as well as begin hippo-therapy. After the summer he'll transition to whatever our choice is for his next step -- we haven't decided yet but we have time.

Although Will is doing well and making progress he still needs a LOT of help. Apparently NM had a lawsuit some years ago for having too many children getting special education so they are now more picky about who can get assistance when they age out of early intervention. Our therapists will be working hard to be sure he gets the help he needs and even then, give us some info on what to do if he is denied so that insurance can pay for therapies.

I'm just staying positive that things will work out. My son is incredibly smart and I love him dearly! I will admit that it is fairly common for me to have that twang of pain when I see other kids talking (some with large vocabularies) or when he's upset because he can't communicate something to me.

His path to speech will be a marathon and we have to just keep working together - unless God heals him completely spontaneously, which I will happily accept and still pray for.

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